Meet Rhonda

Intuitive Life Coach, Mom, Transformation & Change pathfinder

Before I manifested this life filled with “magic” and creative possibility I was normal…. just like everybody else with a corporate job, a family, and a day to day existence that was good but still missing something. A transformation was happening inside me and in my life slowly at first. I had a bunch of Spiritual practices but more than that a desire for more good, more creation, more change. The pointers came to me in the form of classes, books, and emails, but most importantly a desire to change my life on the inside. As I embarked on this journey my “tribe” slowly began to appear. I wanted to help everyone…but I knew I needed to put my mask on first. My personal change would be the catalyst for sharing and helping others create a life that feels like "YES". It was fun, easy, and thrilling life changing stuff that I wanted to talk about with anyone who’d listen. I shared so much with others that I didn’t feel like it was a secret I wanted to keep for myself. This is the story of a “normal” always curious inner city girl who changed her life and her world from the inside out. I am a single mom who co-parents with love, an MBA and corporate leader with a passion for pointing people toward their inner wisdom when it's sometimes hard to know it. I have read more than 100 self help books and am a certified transformational life coach so you could say I’ve been on this journey a long time laying the foundation for a life on fire! 

YOU are the magic you've been waiting for!


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