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Resources I used at the start of my Awakening

When I started this journey there were many inspirational people, books, and courses that I used to learn, grow and change. Here’s the list. Take a look and see what resonates.

  • Jennifer Sincero You are a Badass Book (catalyst for the first personal development course I took)

  • Jennifer Grace Clarity Catalyst Course (Online, one group call a week and self practice in between)

  • Dandapani Course in concentration and meditation (Online)

  • Christie Marie Sheldon Unlimited Abundance (Online)

  • Christie Marie Sheldon Intuition 101 (Online, 1 conference call a week and one lesson a week; self practice in between)

  • Namaste With Love NY, Intuitive consultant I did the Destiny Birthday session where she does a 12 month look ahead and helps you prepare for your opportunities and challenges

  • Terry @ PURE Integrative Health Baltimore, MD Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Detoxing Foot Baths

  • Hara the Vital Center of Man Book Power of Intention in the Tan tien located below the belly button its powerful connection to source above and earth below (haric line)

  • Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan Details on the human energy fields, chakras, flow of energy through the body, healing, and the levels and dimensions that make up human energy fields

  • Root Energy Healing Viki Scudiery Brooklyn, NY; Energy healer who trained under Barbara Brennan; distance healing and clearing of energetic blocks

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