• Rhonda

YES You can hold the moon!

The power of limitless thinking.

One night riding in the car with my two year old he points to the sky and says, “Moon!” and as if he was asking for a bottle of milk he next says, “Hold it?”

In that moment one of my greatest lessons manifested through the limitless eyes of a child. YOUR LIFE CAN BE WHATEVER YOU THINK IS POSSIBLE. Although I laughed in the moment I felt a deep inner knowing that YES, you can hold the moon and so can I BUT we have to be willing to let go of the limitations that hold us back.

Does your intellectual mind churn on facts and data that keep you from allowing limitless possibilities to manifest as an option?

Do you have beliefs that determine how far you can go in life and what your options are?

Do you focus all of your attention on the reasons why you cannot be or do or have something?

Do you have “valid” reason why you can’t as opposed to why you can?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable while you intentionally move toward a more open anything is possible kind of life?

How would your life change if you used your creative energy to imagine the possibilities?

What would you create if you decided to take one step every day in the direction of the “possible”?

When will you let go of excuses and simply ask for, listen to source guidance, and take inspired action?


- Rhonda

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