• Rhonda

FAITH over fear!

Updated: Jan 11

There are times in life when you have to CHOOSE BIG. You have to decide to take a leap into the unknown or to stay in the discomfort of your sameness. I took many leaps of faith in spite of my fears and they worked out because I was creating a beautiful life that felt right from the inside out. Here’s how I did it and how you can do it to.

1. ACKNOWLEDGE and be aware that your soul is calling you to make a change

  • Emotions, let yourself feel it and they will move through

  • You know what you are being pulled to do

2. PLAN what will you do? How? Why?

  • This is your inner work. It’s not about proving a point to any person or group outside yourself

  • Take a breath and create a plan of action steps

3. ACTION is where you will be challenged

  • Move forward one step at a time and don’t stop until you reach your goal

  • Have faith in your inner guide, your higher power to lead you and support you

4. CELEBRATE with love and gratitude

  • You did it! You had the conversation. You started the company. You wrote the book. You signed up for the class. You made the call. You stepped out of your comfort zone.

5. REPEAT this process as many times as needed and watch your life transform before your eyes

Taking action always feels good to me…like progress. There have been times I had to come to peace about choices that felt right to me in spite of the well meaning opinions of others. I needed to hear my own voice and know my own guidance. In one year I completely changed my life. I bought a home and moved with my two kids, a baby and a teenager because it felt like the right thing to do. I wasn’t married, I had one income, two mortgage payments, and a knowing that all would be well in spite of the fear I felt in the moment. I started a journey of self discovery and healing by taking classes, reading books, seeing experts, and step by step shifting my energy, my vibe, my outlook, my choices, my patterns. I followed the breadcrumbs to my destiny and I KNEW I was on the right path because every choice made my soul happy. I didn’t need acknowledgement from anyone except my higher source. It was as if my life was on fire and I couldn’t absorb enough information, make enough changes, or get tired of sharing the awesomeness that was happening. I was so passionate I readily shared my gift even in the grasshopper phase when there were mistakes and mishaps. But more than anything I wanted to have confidence in myself and a sense of inner peace knowing I had full access to source, full access to my own guides, and that I didn’t have to rely on another person for that connection.

In the process of healing and growing with these 5 Steps I discovered that I would love nothing more than to help others on their own journey of self discovery and transformation. Let’s Set Your Life on Fire together!

- Rhonda

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